Dancing Dates

Friday, January 11th, 2019

There’s a new dating show on TV (something we can say pretty much every week now). Channel 4’s Flirty Dancing sees dancer and choreographer Ashley Banjo teaching single people a dance routine before pairing them up in couples to perform the routine together. The producers of the show hoped that dance and some careful pairing would lead to romance, or a least a bit of flirting.

There’s good reasoning behind the concept of the show, after all, the dancers and celebrities on Strictly Come Dancing have had so many romantic encounters that it’s now been labelled ‘the curse of Strictly’. Also, dance halls have long been a popular place to meet someone.

So how can dancing help you to find love?

It builds self-confidence

Dancing can help to improve your self-confidence as it pushes you beyond your usual comfort zone and shows you that you can overcome feelings of embarrassment. It will also help you to feel better about yourself as your fitness levels improve and you begin to master new moves.


If you meet up with your date at a dance class with lots of other people, it is likely that you will be paired up with other people during the course of the evening. Being paired with other people will make you feel a sense of competition, especially if someone shows an interest in your potential love interest. This level of competition will make your partner seem more desirable (it’s all down to animal instinct).

An excuse to wear formal clothing

If you are attending a salsa night, or similar, then you will be positively encouraged to wear sexy clothing. With so few opportunities left to dress up, it makes a nice change. You can also add some beautiful dressy photos to your dating profile if you dance, but don’t go on a dancing date.

Getting close

Lots of different dance styles encourage you to get up close and personal with your partner, so you are likely to be more physically connected than if you were to meet in a pub, or cafe.