January Dating Flurry

Saturday, January 05th, 2019

It’s the busiest time of year for online dating as people set out to meet someone special in the New Year. So how do you make sure that you stand out amongst the thousands of new members who join in late December and early January?

Be active

Active members appear higher in the searches than members who leave their accounts dormant for weeks. Try to login to your account on a regular basis and have a look around for new matches.

Boost your profile

You can boost your profile in the rankings from just £3.99 for 5 days, which is a great investment at this time of year.

Become a Premium Member

We have three levels of membership on Muddy Matches and Premium is the one that gives you the most options for connecting with other single people. Here is a quick explanation:

Member – A basic membership allows you to display photos and profile text and to look at other peoples’ profiles.

Subscriber – Subscribers can do everything that a member can, but they can also send and receive messages.

Premium – Premium allows everyone to read and respond to your messages, even if they are just a basic member. This means that you increase your chances of receiving replies to your messages.

Add photos

If you do not have a Main Photo you will appear in searches below people who do have one. Also, if you haven’t updated your Main Photo in a while, then it is a good idea to swap it for another one.

Adding additional photos will help people to see a different side of you (figuratively and literally) as you can add full length photos, group photos and active photos.

Check the first line of your dating profile

The first line of your dating profile may be the only line that someone reads before moving on to look at someone else’s profile text. Try to make sure that your first line is a good summary of who you are. For example, ‘Horse loving, cupcake baking, yoga obsessive, country girl with a cheeky sense of humour’ says a lot more about someone than saying ‘Hi, I’m Katie and I don’t know what to write’.