What is Scrooging?

Friday, December 21st, 2018

We’ve had Black Friday and Cyber Monday and now it’s the turn of the highstreet to experience a rush of shoppers (or whatever the collective term is for a large group of shoppers is). With the crowds also comes a spike in breakups due to what has become known as ‘Scrooging‘.

Scrooging, which as you might have guessed is based on the Dickens character, is the act of breaking up with someone so that you don’t have to buy a Christmas present for them.

Should you be a Scrooge?

If you gave been dating someone and aren’t sure about them just yet, don’t break up with them just to avoid buying a present for them. You might save some money, but you could be missing out on a promising relationship. If you can’t afford to get them anything, just agree not to get each other anything. Alternatively, you could agree upon a £5 limit so that you aren’t spending too much.

If you are keen to break up with your date, think about whether or not it will come as a surprise to them. If you are both a bit lazy about meeting up and can barely squeeze in the time to see each other then it won’t be terribly upsetting if you break things off. If your date is besotted by you and the feeling is not mutual, it would be kinder to wait until the New Year before saying anything. The Christmas period will be so busy that they will not be trying to meet up with you so often and it will help to get them used to not seeing you. Just make sure that you don’t accept a ridiculously expensive gift from them.

Last minute gifts

If you have left Christmas shopping for your date until now, there are still lots of options left. Think about anything they have said that they want, or need before you head out to the shops, or click on ‘next day delivery’. If all else fails, get them a nice tipple, or foodie snack that they can share with friends or family over the festive period.