The Joy of Muddy People

Sunday, December 16th, 2018

We are often asked why sisters Lucy and Emma set up Muddy Matches when there were already lots of online dating websites around. As farmer’s daughters they had grown up in the countryside and had enjoyed the rural pursuits and the type of ‘muddy’ boots’ lifestyle that seemed alien to many of their city dwelling friends. Online dating had been a frustrating experience for them as they met men who just didn’t understand their lifestyle and who had completely different childhood experiences to them.

So, after a chat over a pint (like we imagine many of the best businesses are dreamt up) they came up with the concept of Muddy Matches.

So why are ‘muddy’ people so great to date?

All-weather people

If you’ve grown up in the middle of nowhere, you can’t just grab a taxi, or jump on a bus with three minute’s notice. Instead you learn the importance of throwing on your coat and boots and heading out no matter what the weather to see your friends.

And if one of your relatives works on a farm, you’re sure to have got stuck in at some point in all weathers.

Shared interests

Whether you love shooting, fishing, horse-riding, quad biking, restoring classic tractors, or completing in country shows, you’ll find someone on Muddy Matches who understands your passion.

An understanding of seasonality

Your date has to rearrange because the weather is perfect for harvest, or because a lamb has been caught in a snowdrift. Only a country-minded person would understand such a situation, or even offer to help. In fact one of success stories talks about a woman helping her farmer date with lambing on their first meeting.

A shared future

Moving to the countryside is the dream for many townies and city folk, but in reality it can be a huge culture shock when you move far away from everything and everyone that you know. For people who love the country lifestyle it is easier to find somewhere that suits the needs of both parties.