How To Avoid Bad Body Language

Saturday, December 15th, 2018

We talk a lot about how you can portray yourself in your dating profile text and photos, but when you meet someone in real life you communicate through both your words and your body language. Here we will discuss non-verbal communication and how to show that you are interested in someone.

Open up

When you are nervous, it is completely natural to try to comfort yourself by crossing your arms over your body. However, this act looks defensive and creates a physical barrier between you and your date.

If you notice that you have crossed your arms, think about placing them by your side to appear more friendly and open.


‘Resting bitch face’ is a slang term for a blank look that makes someone look angry, or at least indifferent. Like crossing your arms, it is a perfectly normal reaction to a nerve-raking situation, but it will make your date feel uncomfortable and like they are under scrutiny. Think about smiling instead of having a blank look, even if you do have to force it for a while until you relax.

Look at them when they are speaking

Looking at someone when they are speaking shows that you are interested in them and what they are saying. If you are uncomfortable looking directly into their eyes (this can be a bit intense), then you could try alternating between looking at their eyes and looking at their face as a whole. Looking just below, or to the side of someone’s eyes can feel less intense.


Nodding is another way to show that you are listening to what someone is saying and acts as a way of reassuring them that you are not thinking about other things.

Avoid looking at your phone

You can’t go out to a pub, or a restaurant nowadays without seeing people staring at their phones. However, when you are on a date it is the height of rudeness and should be kept out of sight.

Hopefully all of your positive and open body language will be mirrored by your date, which will help you to feel comfortable with one another