5 Benefits of Dating a Short Man

Sunday, December 09th, 2018

What would your ideal man look like? The standard answer is ‘tall, dark and handsome’, so it can be difficult for men who are below average height to meet the woman, or man of his dreams. So we’re here to encourage you to include shorter men in your searches as well as searching for average height and taller men. 

You get the pick of the pack

As tall men are so popular, it means that there are lots of attractive short men left to choose from. By reducing your height criteria by a few inches, you will increase the number of men in your searches and hopefully find your muddy match.

Short men are less likely to get divorced

Research shows that men who are shorter than average are significantly less likely to get divorced than taller men. The same study also showed that men who were under 5’7″ were also did more housework, which can only be a good thing.

You can wear flat shoes to events

If you are a woman who is dating a short man, then you don’t need to worry about wearing high heels to events. That means that you won’t end up dancing barefoot half-way through the evening, or sneaking into a pair of flip-flops that you have stored in your handbag.

More space in bed

When you live with a very tall man, you will have to fight for space on a standard double bed (which are only 6’3″/190cm long). If you live with a shorter man, you won’t have to squeeze on to the bed while he places himself diagonally across it.

Photos are easier to take

If you are a similar height to your partner, it will mean that selfies are easier to take and anyone who is taking a photograph of the two of you together won’t have to stand 10 feet away just to fit you both into the shot.