Essential Profile Updates

Sunday, November 18th, 2018

Some people may find the love of their life within days of joining an online dating site, but for most people it can take months to find someone special. If you have had your dating profile on an online dating website for a little while, then now is the time to update your text and photos to keep them fresh.

Try a new Main Photo

Your Main Photo is what will show when people are doing quick searches, so it is important to choose a photo that clearly shows your face and helps you to stand out from the crowd. Even if you have a great photo already; updating it will make you look different in people’s searches if they have seen you before and you might just attract someone who hadn’t previously considered looking at your profile in more detail. You could opt for a photo where you are wearing a more colourful outfit, a black and white photo, or one where you are sporting a different hairstyle to make a change.

Check the facts

Take the time to read through your dating profile and make sure that all of the information is still correct. For example, some people choose to write their age in their dating profile text (which is unnecessary when your age will auto-update according to your date of birth) and this will look strange if you have had a birthday since then.

Add some seasonal photos

Do all of your photos include blazing sunshine, or freshly fallen snow? If so, you could update them with some seasonal shots that fit in with the current weather conditions and show that you have used up-to-date photographs. However, don’t be tempted to wear ski goggles, or sunglasses in your Main Photo as it’s essential that people can see your eyes.

Add some more information

When you join up, the thought of typing lots of text may be a little too overwhelming and it’s more important to just get something written than to delay the whole process by carefully crafting a longer piece of text. When you come to update your profile, you can add more information about your hobbies, interests and lifestyle so that people can find out more about you.