Positive Online Dating

Sunday, November 11th, 2018

There’s a reason why sitcoms show people pretending to laugh heartily, or asking their friend to laugh at them when the object of their affections is looking in their direction: it’s because laughing makes you look fun and attractive.

It’s hard to portray laughter in your dating profile text, unless you want to use LOL, or haha, but you can show a good sense of humour and a position attitude.

Keep it light-hearted

Your profile text is a chance to show off your best qualities (without​ sounding like you are bragging). It is not a form of therapy where you can open up about your terrible past relationships, or fraught family relations.

Stick to light-hearted topics like your hobbies, holiday preferences, or ideal date activity.

Show your sense of humour

You can show your sense of humour by sharing funny anecdotes about your life, such as why you have an unusual nickname, or an example of when you believed an untrue story.

Letting people know who your favourite commedians are and what your favourite comedy shows are will also give them an idea about your sense of humour.


Duck face (a pout popular on social media) and attempts at a smouldering look has meant that you don’t see as many smiles as you used to. Also it’s quite difficult to do a relaxed smile when you are taking a selfie.

However, using a smiling profile photo will make you look like a friendly and approachable person.

Send positive messages

When you send a first message to someone, you could open with a compliment about their profile text, or their photograph. This will show that you have taken the time to look through their profile and will make you look like a positive person. For example, you could say “I wanted to get in touch with you after I read…in your profile as it really made me laugh. I also love…”.