When to Say “I Love You”

Sunday, October 28th, 2018

Muddy Matches has helped thousands of couples to meet and find love over the years, and hopefully if you are reading this you have met your own perfect match on Muddy Matches.

So, if you have met someone special, when should you say “I love you” to them? 

The average time it takes to declare your love for someone

According to a survey by YouGov, 22 percent of people questioned had told someone that they love them within three months of meeting them. However, we’re not sure how much you can read into a survey where the most popular answer to the question ‘What is the soonest you have told a new romantic partner that you love them?’ was ‘I don’t know’ (29%). Just three percent of the participants had told a new partner that they were in love with them within one week of meeting.

Waiting until the other person says it

If you are a little bit risk adverse, the safest option is to wait until your date tells you that they love you. At that point you can decide whether, or not to say it back to them.

However, the danger lies in not being prepared for your partner to say “I love you” as saying something like “Thank you”, or “That’s really sweet” might be enough to scare them off for good.

Go with what you feel

It might sound like a complete cop-out, but the best time to tell someone that you love them is when you feel it is right for you. The only caveat to this is that it is best to wait beyond the first week at least so that you don’t frighten your new date, who may not be prepared for something so serious so early on in your relationship.

If they don’t say “I love you” back

If your date doesn’t say “I love you” back to you, it doesn’t mean that they will never say it, it just means that they are not ready to say it at the moment. Don’t be angry, or ask them why they haven’t said it back to you.