Top 5 Overused Sentences

Sunday, October 21st, 2018

The key to a good dating profile is to get across who you are and what makes you different from everybody else. We have put together a list of the most commonly used phrases that don’t really tell people about you and some suggestions for how you can tailor them to fit your needs.

I don’t know what to write

Using the phrase ‘I don’t know what to write’ is just a waste of your word-count. If you really cannot think about what to say, you could ask a friend to help you out. Alternatively, you could try writing down a list of your favourite things, before working them into sentences.

I like going out and staying in

Most people enjoy doing activities inside and outside of the house, so it doesn’t really tell people anything about you in particular. Try to give examples of activities that you typically enjoy doing and mention any clubs that you attend on a regular basis. In terms of staying in – give examples of your favourite books, TV shows, films, or radio programmes. Set the scene by mentioning your favourite foods, or drinks that you like to consume during a night in.

I like spending time with my friends and family

Once again, we’re looking for specifics to stop this looking like anyone else’s profile. Do you meet up with your family for Sunday lunch every week, take part in a darts league with your dad, or do you regularly look after your nephew to the park?

I enjoy travelling

‘Travelling’ is such a broad term, so it’s a bit like saying that you enjoy eating. Think about where you like to travel and what type of experiences you like to have when you travel. Try to give examples of your favourite trips and why you enjoyed them.

I’m looking for my partner in crime

We get that you are looking for a partner to share the good and the bad times with (hopefully not to commit any actual crimes with them). However, it would be more useful to mention a few characteristics that you would like in an ideal partner.