First Impressions Count

Saturday, September 15th, 2018

You have probably heard it hundreds of times before, but first impressions really do count. Here are some ways to make a good first impression online and in person.


Your profile

If someone only spends 30 seconds looking at your dating profile, then they will probably only see your Main Photo and a few lines of your profile text. For reason, it is important to try to summarise who you are in the first line of your dating profile text and to make sure that your Main Photo is a good representation of who you are. Adding additional photos that show some of your favourite things will also give people a snapshot of who you really are.

Sending a message

Before sending someone a message, take the time to read through their profile text so that you can create a personalised message, rather than just saying ‘Hi’.

Try to make reference to something that they have said in their profile text, or something that relates to one of their photos. This shows that you are interested in that particular person, rather than just sending out messages to lots of different people without care and attention.

In  person

Turn up on time

Turning up late might be fashionable at a party, but on a first date it is just rude, as your date might begin to panic that they have been stood up. If you are running late, it is best to send your date a message, or give them a call so that they know that you are turning up.

Dress to impress

At Muddy Matches we understand that living the country life involves mud, fur and muck, but that doesn’t mean that they should be part of your first date outfit. You don’t need to wear a full three-piece suit, but it is polite to ensure that your first date outfit is clean and smart enough for the occasion.