Dine and Dash

Sunday, September 02nd, 2018

Earlier this week, on 28 August, a man in the United States of America was accused of extorting money from women by eating in a restaurant with them and leaving before the bill came. The accused, Paul Gonzales, has become known as the ‘dine-and-dash dater’ by American newspapers after eight women said that he had run out on them after eating and drinking high value items from the menu.

Fortunately, it is very rare that someone commits the crime of ‘dine and dash’ and in most cases the worst bill paying experience that you will have is if you bicker about who should pay for the dinner.

Offering to pay

If you have initiated the date and have made the plans for meeting up, then it is you who should offer to pay for the date. You will probably find that your date will offer to split the bill with you when you do meet up, or that they will offer to pay for your next date.

If your date insists on paying for the meal, then you should offer to split it, or to pay for a drink afterwards.

Splitting the bill if you don’t wish to meet again

If you both find that you aren’t compatible with one another, then it makes sense for you to split the bill, or to each pay for you had. This means that there won’t be any feeling of resentment if you decide not to see each other again.

Low cost date ideas

If you are short of money, do not assume that your date will pay for you, instead opt for a lower cost date option. For example, you could meet up for a coffee instead of a full meal. Alternatively, you could opt for a completely free date, like a walk around a busy country park (which is also a great idea for outdoorsy people).