All My Friends Have Someone

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

If you are the last of your friends to meet a partner, then you can start to feel like you have been left on the shelf and that your friends are all having a great time doing ‘couply’ things together.

It’s not you

Being single doesn’t mean that you aren’t a desirable person, it just means that you haven’t met the right person yet. Online dating is the best way to find someone special as you will have access to information about thousands of single people who are looking for the same thing as you are.

Don’t assume that couples only want to befriend other couples

Just because your friends have found someone special, it doesn’t mean that their life will suddenly become full of couples’ dinner parties and cosy nights in together. They will still want to spend time with you and to be honest, lots of ‘loved up’ people will enjoy hearing about your dating stories as they can live vicariously through your stories.

If you do find that some of your friends become difficult to get in contact with to begin with, don’t panic as this usually only happens in the early stages of a relationship.

Ask for help

Use your friends dating stories as inspiration for how to meet your own perfect match. For example, if some of your friends met their partner on an online dating website, you could ask them for advice. You might find that their luck changed when they updated their profile picture, or when they started to send out more messages to a wider range of people.

Friends can also advise you about which dating websites to join and whether or not you should pay for an online dating subscription.

Don’t rush

If all of your friends are in long-term relationships, then it can be tempting to ‘fast track’ your new relationship (when you meet someone new) so that you can have the same experiences as they do. However, they’re probably jealous that you get to experience the first flushes of love and the joy of getting to know one another.