How to Meet More People

Saturday, August 25th, 2018

Online dating is a great way to view thousands of single people from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you choose to). However, many people make the mistake of being too picky when they join a dating website and narrowing their field down to just a few people. Here are some ways to expand your search criteria to make the most of an online dating website.

Add some miles

We’d all love to find our perfect match around the corner, but if that person happens to live in the same village as you, it is likely that you would have already met them. Adding just 10 more miles to your search criteria can make all the difference to the number of matches that are returned.

Avoid a sexist age gap

We’ve spoken to lots of women who say that they wouldn’t consider dating a younger man and to lots of men who would only like to date younger women. This outdated stereotype of having an older man and a younger woman may just be the thing that has held you back from meeting someone.

Another problem is that some people also only look for an age gap of a few years. If you have only searched for people within a year two of your own age, try expanding your search by five years higher and lower than it is currently.

Don’t be a snob

We don’t allow you to search by someone’s social class, but there are more subtle methods that people can use to determine what class someone belongs to. You can search by education and job title, so for example, you could only look for landowners.

Although class can play an important part in your search, it isn’t the be all and end all. Try removing these search criteria and see if there is anyone who shares your interests without sharing the same educational background.

Avoid heightism

We’ve lost track of the amount of women who have said that they are looking for a men who are taller than they are whilst wearing high heels. This means that lots of women are missing out on some lovely men who aren’t at least four inches taller than they are. Think about how often you really spend in high heels, versus how long you will spend with the man of your dreams.