Dating in Your Pants

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

‘Dating in Your Pants’ isn’t the latest Channel 4 dating programme — although we’d love a credit if they do use it as an idea — it’s actually one of the best things about online dating. Online dating allows you to search for a partner from the comfort of you own home, or anywhere you like, while wearing whatever you fancy.

Here are some of the other advantages of online dating as opposed to meeting people in the pub.

Lots of choice

Most people socialise with a small, select group of people and therefore don’t meet too many new people. Online dating allows you access to view thousands of  dating profiles. You can search for people in your local area, or you search for people who are further away from you so that you have a wider choice. After all, we have had success stories sent in that span across hundreds of miles, which prove that long distance relationships can work.

Single status

Unless someone has a wedding ring on, it’s difficult to tell if they are single, or not. With online dating, you will know that the people whom you are speaking to are all single and ready to mingle, so you can avoid awkward situations.

You consider what you will say

When you send messages to people through an online dating website, you can take the time to think carefully about what you are going to say to them. This means that you can express yourself without getting tongue-tied and forgetting what you wanted to say —this is one of the reasons why online dating is so great for shy people.

Personality as well as looks

When you approach someone in a pub, you will be basing your judgement on what they look like (which is important in terms of attraction), but you will not know anything about what they are like as a person. Online dating profiles tell you about a person’s hobbies and interests and their writing style will tell you a bit about their sense of humour