Experience Dates

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

In a world where social media has become so popular, experience dates are a top choice for impressing your followers with great photos, as well as having a great time with your new date. After all, even if your date is not a perfect match for you, you will still have lots of fun.

Dumper truck racing

When the team on Crystal Maze won a trip to Diggerland, I assumed that it was a theme park for small children, but  adults can take part in Dumper Truck experience days. Show off your competitive side by racing one another and seeing who comes out on top.

For true Crystal Maze fans, there’s the option to try out the Crystal Maze Experience in London, or Manchester. It’s probably not the best idea for a first date, as you will need to assemble a team of people, but it is a great way to meet your date’s friends after a few dates together.

Water parks

If you have ever watched Total Wipeout and thought to yourself ‘I’d love to do that’, now you can. Try Thorpe Lakes Aqua Park, Aqua Park Rutland, Aqua Park Newforest, or Sheffield Aqua Park for a chance to race across an inflatable assault course. You can also search for aqua parks near you.

White water rafting

For a real adrenaline kick on a first date, you could try whitewater rafting. You might not be able to talk while you’re flying down the rapids, but it will make for great first date conversation afterwards when you recall your experience.

Tourist trail

It’s not surprising to find out that some of the most Instagrammed places in the UK are major tourist attractions. If you are photography fans, then you can spend your first date exploring a tourist destination such as London, Edinburgh, the New Forest, or Liverpool before heading to a photo friendly bar for a drink. Hopefully your selfies will be your first photos as a couple!