Good Sense of Humour

Friday, July 20th, 2018

When asked “what are you looking for in a romantic partner?”, one of the most common answers is “a good sense of humour”. It was even one of the most  popular acronyms used in newspaper based dating adverts. However, humour is a subjective thing, so you need to show people what makes you laugh and how you amuse other people by spelling it out in your online dating profile.

Comedy shows

Talking about your favourite comedy films, or TV shows will let people know what you find funny. It will also give people an ‘in’ to reference a line from your favourite film when they send you a message.

Comedy greats

Who is your favourite comedian, or comedy partnership of all time? Do you like old school humour like Laurel and Hardy, musical comedians like Bill Bailey, or panel show favorites like Jimmy Carr?

Tell us a joke

Everyone cringes at Christmas cracker jokes, but we always take the time to read them out loud, so they can’t be all that bad. Share your cheesiest joke and see if any potential dates can return the favour with a cheesy joke of their own.

Tell a funny story from your life

We’ve all got that one story that makes our friends laugh to this day when they think about it. The story might be the reason why you have a strange nickname, or why you’ve been banned from somewhere. It could be a tale from your childhood, like a misunderstanding about a non-uniformly day, a hilarious practical joke that you played on your best friend, or one that they played on you. If it makes you laugh and isn’t too rude to add to your profile text, it will help people to get to know you and your sense of humour.