Reasons to Pay for a Subscription

Sunday, July 15th, 2018

With thousands of online dating websites on the market, it might seem like a strange idea to pay to do online dating, but there many reasons why paid for websites can trump their rivals.

Nothing in life is ever free

There are a lot of costs involved with running a dating website; there’s staffing fees, website hosting fees, advertising expenses, maintenance costs, premise rental and so much more.

Unless the website is hosted by an eccentric millionaire with a desire to help people to find love, then the owners will need to recoup their costs in some way or another.

Free dating websites are usually paid for by advertising, which means that your dating process is constantly interrupted by adverts.

Payment shows people that you are committed to finding someone

If you are only casually interested in finding someone, then you are unlikely to pay for an online dating subscription. Paying for an online dating website shows that you are keen to meet someone, so it is unlikely that you will meet time wasters who only want an ego boost. Paid websites also deter adulterers, as nobody wants to risk a dating website appearing on their bank account for their partner to see.

Investment in the website

Paid for websites have the ability to invest in website security, website maintenance and customer service. For example, at Muddy Matches we have an in-house customer service team that look at every single photo and profile that is sent through to us (even updated photos and profiles) to ensure that online genuine country-minded people can join the website. Our customer care team can also provide you with advice about how to get the most out of online dating and can help you if you are concerned about anybody who is on the dating website.