Hot Weather Date Outfits

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

The sunny weather shows no sign of abating, so it is time to think about what to wear on a date without overheating, or looking like you have just come from the beach. All of this advice is just a general guideline and what you wear will depend on what you are doing and, of course, your own personal style.


Shorts are perfectly acceptable for most daytime date ideas such as a walk, a pub date, or visiting a coffee shop. Opt for a smart option such as chino shorts, city shorts, or other tailored shorts that will allow you to keep cool without looking too casual. Avoid sports shorts unless you are taking part in a sporting activity such as tennis, or cycling and if you do go for polyester football style shorts, try not to pair them with a football shirt.


The golden rule for sandals is to avoid wearing socks and sandals together as they have been consistently voted as one of the biggest faux pas in the wold of fashion.

Flip-flops are also an unpopular choice as they are designed for wearing on the beach, or in public showers. Wearing them on date shows that you haven’t made an effort to look nice.

If you do choose to wear sandals, check that your feet are looking at their best by scrubbing off any rough skin, cleaning them thoroughly and trimming your toe nails. If you wesar nail varnish, check that it isn’t chipped.


Vests for men are generally a no-no on a first date, especially if you are going to somewhere with a dress code and it should go without saying that going topless on a date is too showy. For women, vests should be worn with a matching bra, or with straps that are wide enough to cover your bra straps.

At this time of year, it is a good idea to think about the colours that you are wearing, as grey in particular shows up sweat patches more than other colours. Wearing dark colours and a using good antiperspirant is the best way to hide sweat patches.