Measuring Compatibility

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

At Muddy Matches, we do not pair people up like a traditional dating website. We prefer to encourage our members to search freely on their own. However, if you are keen to be able to measure your potential compatibility before you get in contact with someone, then these ideas may be of help to you.


When you filled in your details for your dating profile, you will have noticed an optional section for your star sign. This allows you to work out how compatible you will be with someone based on astrology. Lots of people believe that your compatibility with someone can be determined by whether you are earth, wind, fire, or water signs. This is said to determine different aspects of your personality and what your deep held believes are. In some religions and cultures, astrologers are consulted to help to determine the compatibility of a couple who hope to be married to one another. Their prediction is based on their exact time, date and place of birth.

You can look for basic astrology charts online that will show which star signs are best matched to your own.


The Myers-Briggs test is one of the most famous personality tests. It involves filling in a detailed series of questions about yourself.

You will sometimes see things like ‘I have an INTJ personality’ written in someone’s dating profile and this will tell you about how they relate to different circumstances and to different people.

The letters refer to:

I or E = Introverted or Extraverted
S or N = Sensing or Intuition
T or F = Thinking or Feeling
J or P = Judging or Perceiving

The test will give you a basic understanding of a someone’s personality, but most people will sit somewhere between each of the elements. For example, even extroverts will enjoy spending time on their own and introverts may be outspoken in particular circumstances.

There are lots of free Myers Briggs tests online that you can take.

Muddy-Townie quiz

Our Muddy-Townie quiz is a bit of fun, but will help you to determine how ingrained someone is in the country lifestyle. If you are 100% muddy, you might struggle to relate to someone who is just 10% muddy and will shudder at the thought of walking anywhere that doesn’t have a solid, grey pavement.