How to Take a Good Photograph

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Your Main Photo is the first thing that people will see when they look at your online dating profile, so it is important to make sure that, first of all, you have a Main Photo and that second of all, it is a good representation of what you actually look like.

Enlist a friend to help

Photos look best when they are taken by someone else from about two metres away. This will ensure that your face is nice and clear, without being so close up that you can see every hair on your face.

Talking and laughing naturally with your friend will lead to happier looking photos, than if you were to ‘try to smile’, which can look forced.

Choose good lighting

Bright lighting is a good way clearly show what your face looks like and it is surprisingly flattering. If you don’t have access to bright indoor lighting, try going outside in the mid-morning, or mid afternoon when the lighting is the most flattering.

If you must use a selfie…

We understand that selfies are very popular as you can take them as you go and they enable you to take hundreds of different photos from different angles without your friend getting very bored.

However, the nature of sticking your arm out and craning to get in shot can mean that you can look pained, or awkward in the shot. Also, if you have short arms, it can lead to a particularly close shot that doesn’t show all of your face.

Try to use the reverse screen option so that you can see how much of your face is in the photograph. Alternatively, you could mount the phone, or camera on a surface and line yourself up in the shot.

If you use a mirror for your selfie, be considerate of what else is in the photograph. We’re always amazed by how many people take photos with a toilet in the background, or a stack of clothes on the floor.