Bad Dating Etiquette

Sunday, May 27th, 2018

In a recent episode of First Dates one of the daters was seen to be using Snapchat (a social networking app used predominately to send photos) while at the dinner table with her date. Discussions on social media pointed out that this gesture was incredibly rude and showed disrespect for her date.

Using a mobile phone at the table is just one of the things that shows poor dating etiquette.

Rearranging without good reason

If you have a family emergency, or you’re a surgeon who is called in to perform an operation at the last minute, then you should cancel your date. However, if your friend invites you out to somewhere that sounds more interesting, it is an offensive reason to cancel your date.

Constantly rearranging your date shows that you aren’t committed to meeting someone, or that you aren’t particularly interested in your potential date.

Turning up late

Turning up a little late is acceptable if you have had trouble with transport, but like rearranging your date, it shows a lack of respect for your date’s time.

Plan extra time to find your venue and to allow for transport problems.

Bad smells

Passing wind is obviously unacceptable on a first date.

Bad breath and BO are also smells that should be avoided.

Talking over your date

It’s natural to speak over each other occasionally when you are chatting freely, but if you can’t let your date finish a sentence without speaking over them it shows that you aren’t really listening.

Give your date the opportunity to answer your questions fully.

Expecting your date to pay

Traditionally men pay for a first date, but it is bad manners to expect them to pay and worse to leave your wallet at home.

You should at least offer to split the bill, or to pay for a follow up drink.