Make or Break?

Sunday, May 06th, 2018

Whether you are two weeks or twenty years into a relationship, you may be wondering whether it is time to invest in your relationship, or to break up.

Can you make it work?

Making it work

Think about what attracted you to your partner in the first place and make a list of all their best qualities. For example, is s/he kind? Does s/he always stand up for you? Have they encouraged you to try new experiences?

Looking at a list of positives can help to counteract the negatives, like how they seem to have selective hearing, or an interfering family member.

Gain shared experiences

It’s easy to spend all of your spare time together mindlessly watching TV, or reading different books to one another. Instead of being separate, but together, try reading the same book, or take up a new hobby together so that you have a shared experience to discuss.

Enjoy a date night

‘Date night’ has become a popular thing for a good reason. It allows you to spend quality time together and to catch up on conversation over a nice meal, or a drink.

Break it

Sometimes a relationship is definitely not worth saving, particularly if you no longer share the same outlook and goals.

If things are not working for either of you, try speaking honestly about how you will move on. If you are married, have children, property, or pets together there will be a lot of practicalities to consider. If you haven’t been dating for long it should be easier for you both.

Take time to recover from the split before you try online dating so that you are in the right mindset to meet someone new.