Finding a Date at NFYFC 2018

Friday, May 04th, 2018

The NFYFC Annual Convention is currently underway in Blackpool and will be running until the early hours of Monday morning. If you are single and are attending the event this year, we have some tips to help you to meet new people.

Sign up to lots of events

There’s everything from discussions about farming, to darts and discos. Sign up to as many events as you can handle and make sure that they are things that you are interested in.

Going to lots of events means that you will get to meet lots of new people, which means new friendships and maybe even a new partner.

Get the conversation started

If you’re doing the same activity as one another, then you’ll have an instant topic of conversation. Get chatting to new people and if things go well you can ask them to meet you later at the evening events.

Dress to impress

The black tie event is the perfect opportunity to dress in all of your finery, so make sure to scrub up well, even if your tie will be round your head by 11pm.

For Saturday night, go full glow with brightly coloured clothing, glow sticks and dayglow body paint to get noticed under the disco lights. Go for a wilder look, like a multi-coloured wig, or a big hat for a ‘peacocking’ effect to get conversations started. If you’ve forgotten your fancy-dress you’ll be sure to find some brightly coloured tutus and wigs on most of the touristy streets of Blackpool

Have fun

Nothing is more appealing than a happy and confident person, so relax and enjoy spending time letting loose with your farming friends.


Compliment people

The best ways to get conversation started at the evening events is to either compliment someone’s fancy dress, or to offer to buy them a drink. “Can I buy you a drink?” gets you an honest answer about a person’s relationship status right from the start as they’ll usually let you know if they are seeing someone.

If you don’t meet anyone special at the conference, you will hopefully have some great photos to add to your Muddy Matches profile.