Mobile Dating

Friday, April 27th, 2018
Mobile Dating

Mobile phones have become a big part of our everyday life and in particular, an important part of online dating―you probably have your mobile phone in your hand as you read this post. However, it’s quite rare that we actually use mobile phones for their original purpose―actually making phone calls.

So… what purpose does your phone play in the process of online dating?

Signing up

Signing up to online dating websites doesn’t need to be complicated and can be done on your mobile phone. We’ve even heard from farmers who have signed up from the middle of their field (those 3G hotspots are sometimes hard to find).

It’s a quick process and only requires basic details, including your name and email address. You can even use your Facebook account to auto-fill your details if you want to save time.

Uploading photos

Most people use their mobile phones to take photos, so we’ve made it very easy for you to upload your photos to your dating profile directly from the gallery on your phone.


Using your mobile phone to send dating messages reduces the risk of overthinking things and sending a really long opening message. Your first message should be short, friendly and personal, not an essay about yourself. For example you could say “Hi, I really like your cheeky smile in your photo”.

Pre-date vetting

Some people find that a phone call is a good way to gauge whether or not someone will be a ‘weirdo’. You can find out about someone without the expense of meeting up, especially if you live a long way away from each other.

Keeping in touch en route to your date

We advise that you use the online dating messaging service until you get to know someone well enough to share your contact details. However, it is a good idea to exchange contact details before you meet up so that you can call to say that you are running late.

Following up

After your date has ended, it is a kind gesture to send them a message to say that you have got home safely and to tell them that you enjoyed your date.