How to Boost Your Dating Success

Friday, March 30th, 2018

If you have been using an online dating website for quite some time, it is likely that you will be looking for ways to boost your chances of meeting someone.

Choose to ‘Boost your profile’

The ‘BOOST YOUR PROFILE’ button allows you to increase the amount of views that your profile receives by making sure that it appears at the top of peoples’ searches. You’ll also then have a box by your name that says ‘Interest in [your name]?’ that will allow people to show their interest in you without having to think of an opening message to introduce themselves.

Be active

Being active on the dating website means that you will also appear higher in peoples’ searches than those who do not regularly use their online dating account. Try to login regularly and make sure to update your dating profile text and photograph on a regular basis (but not daily, or weekly).

Upload a good selection of photographs

If you don’t have a Main Photograph – stop reading this and add one now! It will make you look more approachable than a pair of wellies as your photo will and it will let people know what you look like. Try to select an up-to-date photo of you that clearly shows your face, so avoid using moody lighting, or Snapchat style filters. If you can get someone else to take it for you, it will allow you to smile naturally, rather than worrying about getting the right angle to capture your whole face, which can result in the rabbit in headlights look.

Adding to your additional photos will also give people an indication of who you are. Try to include a full-length photograph and a range of photos that show you enjoying your hobbies and interests.

Send messages

Beyond everything else, the single best way to get noticed is to send someone a message. You don’t need to write anything fancy, just let them know what you liked about their profile, or answer a question if they have added one in their profile text.