How to Enjoy Online Dating

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Online dating is a fun way to meet new people and hopefully a way to meet that special someone. However, the joy can wear away if you take things too seriously and don’t allow enough time to just be yourself.

Here are some of the ways to keep the joy in online dating.

Arrange fun dates

Instead of going to the same restaurant that you usually do, why not use your first date as an opportunity to try something new? Head to that comedy night that you have always wanted to try, but you’ve never been able to find a time to go when your friends are free. Or try something that will give you a childlike sense of fun like trampolining, or go-karting.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

A lot of people join dating websites in the hope meeting the one within a set period of time. For example, they might say that they want to be married within the year.

Coming at the process with a sense of emergency will make you look too needy and will have an adverse effect on your chances of meeting someone special. Take your time and enjoy the process of dating different people.

Take time for yourself

If you have recently come out of a relationship, there will have been things that your partner disapproved of you doing. Whether that’s eating super garlicky food, or watching trashy TV, you can now embrace being yourself without judgement. You can also work on you range of interests without having to worry about what someone else is thinking about you staying out late, or spending too much money on your hobby.

Get your friends involved

Your coupled-up friends will love helping you to search through dating profiles (it’s like looking at houses for sale that are way outside of your budget) and you can enjoy sharing the process with someone else to help you.

Your friends can help you to highlight your best qualities for your dating profile and can help you to choose your dating photos too.