Why do I Need a Specialist Dating Site?

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Specialist, or niche dating websites are websites that are designed for a specific group of people. For example, Muddy Matches is aimed at country-minded people.

So why would you choose a niche dating website over a more generic dating website?

Common interests

By definition, you will have something in common with everyone who joins the same niche dating website as you.

You’ll find lots of people who enjoy getting out and about in the countryside, such as farmers, equestrians, game keepers and estate mangers. You’ll also find people who grew up in the countryside, who have moved to a larger town or city for work or family.

Not all Muddy Matches members live in the countryside, but everyone who joins has a love of the country lifestyle.

A website designed for you

Independent niche websites like Muddy Matches are designed with the needs of the members in mind. For example, as Muddy Matches co-founders Emma and Lucy are country people themselves they have adapted the ‘interests’ section of the website to cover a wide range of country pursuits. So instead of just offering shooting as an option, we list six different types of shooting. There are also other pursuits such as ferreting and quad biking that you just wouldn’t find on a generic dating website.

Relevant events

We have a country calendar with a large range of countryside events (across the UK and Ireland) that will give you ideas for date suggestions, or just something fun to do in your spare time.

Staff who understand your needs

As well as having a website designed specifically for country-minded people, we also have staff who live a country lifestyle themselves. We are also based on a farm, next to an equestrian centre in the middle of a tiny hamlet.

Even our Muddy Matches unofficial mascot is a working dog who loves to make new friends.

Less overwhelming

Muddy Matches has over 200,000 members, which means that you have enough choice, but aren’t overwhelmed with millions of suitors to choose from.