Saturday, March 10th, 2018

We would love it if everyone found love with the first person whom they spoke to on an online dating website. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that it will happen and most people will experience rejection at some point.

So how can you deal with rejection and what is the best way to tell someone else that you are not interested in them?

Dealing with radio silence

Sending someone a message takes courage and you will find yourself constantly looking at you screen and waiting for a response. When a reply doesn’t come, it can mean one of two things – either they haven’t read it, or they are ignoring you.

You can check whether someone has been online by checking their ‘active within’ status on their dating profile. If they have been online since you sent your message, it means that they are either ignoring your message, of thinking about what to say.

If you do not hear from someone, do not send them an angry message as it won’t encourage them to contact you.

Instead, use your efforts to contact other people​.

Saying no to someone

When you receive a message from someone, remember how it feels to send a message before you reply to them. If you are interested in them, that’s great, but if you are not​, try to let them down gently.

A simple ‘thanks for your message, but I don’t think that we’d be a good match’ is enough to show that you are not interested, without taking part in a character assassination.

If they do come back to you asking for a detailed response as to why you aren’t interested, it is best not to get into a dialogue as they may be reacting in anger to your rejection message and you won’t be able to reason with them.