Just Friends

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

So you’ve been on a date and it was all going really well, with lots of conversation and laughter, but now they have uttered the words that you really did not want to hear “I think we should just be friends”. Now what?

Be honest

If you were convinced that there was a romantic spark and believe that it would be tricky to be friends with someone so attractive, it is best to be honest from the start. Sometimes people say that they want to be friends as a way of letting someone down gently, while at other times it means that they genuinely want to be friends.

Don’t worry about hurting their feelings by explaining that you don’t think that it would be a good idea to be friends.

Ask to meet new people

Becoming friends with someone whom you had hoped to be in a relationship with can have the upside of expanding your social circle. If the person invites you to a party, or gathering where you will get the chance to meet their friends, take them up on the opportunity.

Your date may not have been the love of your life, but their single friend may well turn out to be the one.

Don’t give up

One unsuccessful date does not mean that you aren’t a desirable person, it just means that you weren’t right for them. Get back online and get in contact with some new people.

You can even ask your date what they thought of your profile text and photos so that you can make any changes to it. For example, they might say that your profile didn’t have enough photos and you can add more to attract new people.


When you do go on your next day, try to be a bit flirty, so that they picture you as something more than friends from the start.

For example, make sure to keep eye contact and to give lots of compliments if you fancy them. Just ensure that your compliments aren’t too naughty, so as to be confused with being sleazy.