Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, you are not on your own (even though adverts for roses and prosecco might make it seem like that)! Research by Channel 4 shows that a third of all adults are not married, or in a civil partnership.

Here are some options for Valentine’s Day celebrations…

Spend the evening with friends

In recent years there’s been a big trend for alternative Valentine’s Day celebrations (sometimes known as Galantine’s Day for women), whereby groups of friends meet up to celebrate single life and to enjoy some of the spoils of Valentine’s Day with their favourite people. Get your group together for tasty food and drink and watch your favourite film together, whether that’s a romcom, or a horror film. Or, head out to a restaurant with your friends. Couples may have their table for two, but you will be part of the lively table across from them that doesn’t have any awkward silences.

Have some special you time

Use the day as an excuse to treat yourself to some of your favourite things to show yourself just how special you are. You could even brighten up your home with some cheery flowers that aren’t red roses.

Work on your dating profile

Along with New Year and Boxing Day, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year for online dating websites. That means that there are thousands of new members to choose from and even more people who are active on the website and looking to meet someone special.

Spend some time making sure that your dating profile and dating photos are up-to-date and that they tell people what you are really like. Then get searching for your ideal date.

Ignore the whole thing

If you normally take part in your favourite hobby on a Wednesday, or love to catch up with your favourite TV shows, then why should Valentine’s Day be any different? It’ll all be over soon!