What to do After a Breakup

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Breakups are hard for everyone involved and it is hard to learn to be a single person again. We can’t make you feel better instantly, but we can give you some tips for how to come to terms with it and how to move on.

Be kind to yourself

If you need to take time on your own to grieve the loss of your relationship, then do so. You don’t need to put a brave face on for everyone else.

Hiding under a blanket and watching episode after episode of your favourite TV programme is perfectly acceptable at this time.

Don’t beg for a reconciliation

Even if begging your ex to make it up to you works, it is only likely to be a temporary thing. Accept that everything happens for a reason and that you obviously weren’t right for one another.

Don’t online stalk your ex

It’s only natural to want to find out what your ex is up to now, but it is incredibly self-destructive and won’t help you to feel better. Delete them from your Facebook page and don’t try to find them on online dating websites. In fact, if you do see them on a dating website, make sure to block them, so that you can’t see one another’s profiles.

Take things slowly

Online dating is a great way to move on and to meet someone new. It will allow you to expand your social circle and to speak to people whom you would not have otherwise met.

As tempting as it can be to throw yourself into a new relationship straight away, take the time to get to know someone properly.

Don’t compare your new date to your ex

If you find yourself saying ‘my ex used to…’, stop talking immediately. Nobody wants to be compared to your ex and they won’t want to hear endless stories about what you dislike about your former partner.