Picking up the Signals

Friday, January 12th, 2018

A recent interview with The Chase’s Anne Hegerty revealed that she struggled to ‘pick up the signals’ when she was dating.

Here are some key indicators (both online and offline) that show that someone is interested in you.

Viewing your profile

If someone has viewed your profile, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are interested in you, but it is worth looking at their profile to see if you think that they are a good match for you.

Adding you to their favourites list

If someone has added you to their favourites list, it is a clear sign that they would like to talk to you. It is an indication that they plan to send you a message, or that they wish to send you a message.

Receiving a message

If you receive a message, it shows that someone is keen to get to know you better. Unless they say that they are keen to meet new friends, it is likely that they are interested in you romantically.

Asking you out

Asking you out on a date is a very clear signal that they are interested in you.


When you are on a date, flirting can include lots of eye contact, smiling, touching and laughing at your jokes. If someone is attracted to you, they will want to be physically close to you, so they will lean in, or sit close to you. This can be a false indicator if you are in a noisy room, but if they lean in with just their head, it is likely that they are straining to hear, but with their whole body is more of a positive sign.

Contacting you after the date

If your date sends you a message after your date to say that they really enjoyed spending time with you, it is a sign that you should suggest meeting up again if you are interested in them.