The Perfect Profile Photo

Saturday, January 06th, 2018

Your Main Photo is the first thing that someone will see when they look at your dating profile, so we have some tips for making sure that you choose, or take a photo that will show you at your best.

Fill the screen

We ask that our members select a photo that clearly shows their head and shoulders. Make sure that you aren’t too far from the camera and that it isn’t so close that you can’t just see one eye.

Be natural

Instagram and Snapchat filters can be really flattering, but they don’t show you as you really are. Avoid using filters, hearts and captions on your Main Photo. You can, however, add them to your additional photos if you like.

Don’t cover your face

Avoid wearing sunglasses, or anything else that will obscure your face. Regular glasses are OK as people will still be able to see your eyes.

Don’t pose with others

Some other dating websites allow users to upload any photo that you like, which can lead people posting group photos and you having to play ‘guess who it is’. Upload a photo with only you in it, or make it clear who you are in the photo so that we can crop out your companions. You can show group photos in your additional photos.

Use good lighting

Photos taken in dark rooms with a camera phone are usually dark and grainy and literally don’t show you in a good light. If possible, use a photo that was taken in natural lighting, or a well lit room.

Use a modern photo

We’ve all got that one great photo from a decade ago where we look fresh faced and happy, but it is not appropriate to use for your Main Photo. Choose a photo that was taken within the last two years so that your potential dates will know what you really look like now.

Choose your background carefully

We’re always surprised by the amount of people who choose to use a photo that was taken in a public toilet, or their own bathroom. It’s strange and unnecessary to show a toilet in your photo. If you need to use a mirror to take your photograph, choose a mirror in a tidy room with nothing distracting in the background. You could also use the reverse camera on your phone, or better still, you could ask a friend to taker your photo instead.