Christmas Kissing

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

Are you single and looking to get a kiss under the mistletoe this year? Here are some tips for ensuring that you get a Christmas kiss.

Go to somewhere new

There’s something a little awkward about going to your local and trying to meet someone new as you never know who will be there and how quickly you will become the focus of the village gossip.

Take your friends to an out of town pub and enjoy the festive spirit without anyone spotting you.

Offer to buy someone a drink

Yes, it’s embarrassing to have to make the first move, but as the saying goes ‘fortune favours the brave’. Offering to buy someone a drink is a nice opening line as it doesn’t require a quirky chat-up line, or a joke to get conversation started.

Stand near the mistletoe

When people get into the festive spirit and have a few more drinks than usual they can become more confident than usual and offer to kiss a stranger under the mistletoe.

Or share a table

At this time of year pubs get really busy, especially on Christmas Eve, so people will be forced to share tables to make for people who are standing up. If you and your friends get to the pub early you can grab a table and wait for people to join you, or join a table of people who you like the look of.

Wear something interesting

Wearing something like a festive hat, or ears will mean that you stand out from the crowd and it will provide a talking point for others.

Be engaged in your environment

If your friends are at the bar getting a round in, take the time to look around and be engaged in your environment. Don’t reach straight for your mobile phone at every available opportunity as it will make you look unapproachable.

Show positive body language

On the note of engaging with your environment, try to practice positive body language. This means smiling and keeping your arms and legs uncrossed.

If all else fails, just remember that it’s cold season and you don’t want to get sick during the holidays.