Last Minute Gifts

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017
Last Minute Gifts

The weekend before Christmas has been nicknamed the ‘man dash’ as millions of men flock to the shops to get Christmas. If you are joining the ‘man dash’, regardless of your gender, here are some tips for buying a gift for your new sweetheart.

There are two important things to remember at this stage — don’t go over the top and spend a fortune and don’t try to arrange a present truce at this stage as it’s too late and your beau will probably have bought and wrapped your present by now.

Don’t buy expensive jewellery

The gift of jewellery has long been associated with romance, but it can look a little too keen if you buy it for someone who you have only known for a few weeks, or months.

If you do want to give jewellery, go for a necklace, or bracelet, rather than a ring!

Do opt for a book

A newly released book by their favourite author is a good way to show that you have been listening to what they have been saying. If they prefer non-fiction, you could get them a biography about one of their favourite people, or a for animal lovers, there are lots of great options around at this time of the year.

Do go for accessories rather than clothes

Sizing can be tricky and even if you know that your partner normally wears a certain size, it can vary greatly from shop to shop. Opt for ‘one size fits all’ items like gloves, a scarf, or a hat.


Don’t give money

Giving money is fine for your distant relatives, but it feels odd to give it to your significant other. If you aren’t sure what to buy them, go for a gift voucher for their favourite shop so that they can get something nice in the sales.

Go for a foodie treat

Posh chocolates, or a nice cheese selection is a good treat if your date enjoys food and isn’t on a diet and for people. Also, if your date has always ordered the same spirit when you have been for a drink together, you could buy them a bottle of it.

Treat their pet

If your new date has a pet, you will earn extra brownie points for buying them a tasty Christmas treat.

Don’t forget the wrapping

Wrapping adds to the drama of the gift and can help to get people to get excited about what they are about to receive.