Overcoming Relationship Problems

Saturday, December 16th, 2017

In a relationship there will be problems that you can work through together and some that are will stop your relationship in its tracks. Here is how to deal with each situation…


Not having enough time to spend together

When you have a busy life and have been used to being single, it is difficult to find the time to spend with your significant other, especially if your new partner is keen to spend every minute with you.

The best thing to do is to schedule time into your diary so that you know that you will keep it free for your date. However, if every minute is accounted for, ask your date to join you for your existing activities. For example, it might sound boring running errands with you, but you can chat as you go around and they can get their errands completed as well.

Moving in together

If you have lived on your own for a long time, the thought of living with someone else can be a big shock to the system. Take the time to discuss where you would both like to live and consider commitments that you each have, such as work and family ties. If you can find a new place together, it will be helpful to create a new start as it can feel intrusive to move into someone else’s established routine.

When you do move in together, be aware that you will have different habits and routines that are different, but equally valid. Don’t try to force your partner to do things your way.

Also, if possible, have different areas of the home that you can each retreat to when you need your own personal space.

Finding out that they are already in a relationship

So… you’ve started to date someone and have become pretty attached to them… then you find out that they are already in a long term relationship with someone else. What do you do?

Well, your date is probably going to try to convince you that they are not in a happy relationship with their current partner and that they are just waiting for the right time to break up with them. This is not case! If they have hidden their relationship from you and suddenly talk about breaking it off when they are discovered, it will not be a good basis on which to start a relationship with you. Break up with the person now as it is not the right time to be with them.