Dating in Snowy Weather

Saturday, December 09th, 2017

If you aren’t already surrounded by a layer of snow, it is likely that you soon will be. So here are some practical tips for dating and some ideas about how to look good while keeping warm.

Rearrange if it’s not practical

There’s no point risking your life to get to see someone. If there’s an extreme weather warning, you could rearrange your date, or have a Skype date until it becomes safe to get to one another.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst

If you are venturing out in the snow in your car, make sure to pack extra warm clothing, blankets, food and water in case you get stuck in the snow, or a traffic jam. Also, keep your phone charged to make sure that you can call your date, or a breakdown van.

Wrap up warm

Even if you are meeting in a warm place, like by the pub fireplace, make sure that you wear suitable clothing for the weather in case you decide to walk elsewhere.

Winter clothing doesn’t need to be bland and boring, you can still look good in a warm jumper that will make you look cuddly. If you want more of a sexy look, layer your best clothes underneath your woolly outerwear.

Choose your best winterwear

Your warmest outfit might well be what you wear to muck out, but that doesn’t mean that it’s suitable for a date. Make sure to wear something that is clean, fresh-smelling and not covered in holes. Opt for smarter layers instead of your muddy outerwear.

Have fun

If it’s safe to get together and you’ve wrapped up warm, you can enjoy playing in the snow. Grab snowballs, or make a snowman to get in touch with your childish side. You could even go tobogganing if you have enough snow and a couple of spare toboggans lying around the house.