Are You Unlucky in Love?

Sunday, December 03rd, 2017

Have you resigned yourself to always being single after years of being unlucky in love? Do all your friends refer to you as an eternal spinster, or bachelor? Have you decided that it’s time to give up and go and order Don’t give up! Here are some tips for turning things around.

Try online dating

If you are reading this and haven’t joined Muddy Matches, now is the time to do so! Online dating is the most effective way to meet someone new and you can take your time to find out about someone before you meet with them, so that you aren’t just won over by a pretty face in your local pub.

Trust your friends

When you meet someone gorgeous, new and exciting, it is easy to get carried away and not to notice their flaws. Try asking a friend what they think of your new date as they won’t be as invested in your new relationship. If they think that your date seems like bad news, ask them about why they think that he or she is a bad fit for you.

Stop looking for perfection

The search for perfection may actually be stopping you from meeting decent people. By searching for perfection, you will be overlooking people who are very good matches for you. It is a coping method that stops you from getting hurt, but it can also mean that you miss out on love.

Spread your net further

We have had success stories sent in where couples who live in the same village have met through Muddy Matches, but it’s more common to find someone special if you look further afield.

Try expanding your search area by at least 10 miles to make sure that you have more choice of people. Also, if you live in a very remote area, you will need to look even further afield.