Paid vs Free Dating Websites

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

There are hundreds of free dating websites and dating apps out there, so why would you choose to pay for an online dating subscription?

Investment in services

The money from subscriptions allows the dating website to invest in staffing, information technology and equipment that leads to a better experience for you.

For example, Muddy Matches employs a team of people to read through every single profile that is sent through to us, every change to the profiles and every photo that is sent in. This means that we can use our experience to look for dating scammers. Also, by looking at each photograph, we an ensure that you don’t see anything unsavoury. We also make sure that every Main Photo only includes one person, so that you’re not left wondering who it is that you are actually talking to.

We also invest in systems that help to protect your personal data.

Advert free

Dating websites have to make money to survive, so if you are not paying for a subscription, they will need to get the money from elsewhere. This is either done by showing you adverts, which are often targeted based on the information that they have on you.

People are more committed 

Some people join online dating websites for the thrill of the chase, or just to look around and be nosy. Only people who really want to meet someone will want to pay for an online dating subscription, so it shows a certain level of commitment. It also means that people are more likely to be single, because it would take a lot of explaining to say why you have a regular amount of money going out to a dating website each month.