Cultural Date Ideas

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

A first date is a great opportunity to get to know someone and to find out about what you have in common. If you adore cultural experiences, try to arrange a date that will allow your to share your passion together.

Here are some suggestions for cultural date ideas that should give you something to talk about.

Go on a sculpture tour

If the weather is crisp and bright, take the opportunity to get outside and get some vitamin D, by going on a sculpture hunt.

Large cities like London, Edinburgh and Cardiff are great places to go to see public art. For people who enjoy a more rural cultural date, the Pendle Sculpture Trail, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and The Sculpture Park are all open at this time of the year.

Walking around together will give you lots of time to talk and you will have lots to talk about as you search for the sculptures and discuss what you think about them.

Experience a classical music concert

At this time of year, schools and churches host classical music concerts to raise extra funds and to show the talent of their performers. Although it would be very inappropriate to grab a snog in either venue, they make a great start to a date, which could be completed with dinner, or drinks.

Visit an art gallery

We are very in the UK and Ireland to have lots of excellent art galleries, from large collections, through to smaller more intimate collections.

Choose as busy day like a Saturday, so that you can talk freely without feeling like it is a little bit too quiet.

See a ballet performance

You will need to plan ahead to get hold of tickets for ballet performances, so if you have a December date planned you could book to see a traditional ballet performance such as The Nutcracker to get you into the mood for the festive period.