Messaging Dos and Don’ts

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

One you have signed up for an online dating website, filled in your dating profile text and selected a good profile photo, it is time to start sending messages to get in contact with other single people.

Here are some things to consider when sending messages.

Don’t wait for other peopleĀ 

Lots of people choose to join dating websites and just sit back and wait for someone to get in touch with them, however if everyone did this the system wouldn’t work.

Make sure to send a message to anyone whom you fancy to let them know that you are interested.

Do select carefully

It is better to send five carefully crafted messages to just five individuals than it is to send ‘Hi’ to 50 people.

Do make sure to personalise your message

When you write to someone, try to mention something in your message that you liked about their profile. For example, you could say that you liked their sense of humour, or your could mention a hobby, or interest that you have in common with them.

Don’t ignore people

If someone sends you a nice message, make sure to reply to them so that they know whether or not you are interested in getting to know them better.

If they are not your type, send a message saying ‘Thank you for your message, unfortunately I don’t think that we would be a good match’.

Don’t pester people

If someone chooses not to reply to you, don’t send them an aggressive message asking why they have chosen to ignore you. It won’t change their mind, but it might get you a bad reputation if they speak to other single people about your behaviour.

Don’t give up

Not everyone will reply to your messages, but don’t take it as a reflection upon you as a person. You may not have been the right for those people, but you will be the perfect person for someone else when you find them.