How to Build Your Dating Confidence

Sunday, November 05th, 2017

Dating is a scary thing — there’s the fear of rejection, there’s the fear of not being noticed at all and there’s the fear that you will become the topic of the village gossip network. We can’t stop you from being rejected, or from the local title-tattle, but we can help you to feel more confident and more willing to take a risk.

Take it slow

If you were getting a friend to try spicy food for the first time, you’d probably recommend a korma instead of a jalfrezi. On the same theory (bear with us) it makes sense to take online dating slowly. Take the time to work on your profile and photos before you start to contact people. If you have an incomplete, or rushed profile, it will mean that people will be reluctant to reply to you, which could knock your confidence.

Get a friend to tell you how wonderful you are

Friends only tend to gush about you when they are drunk, or on special occasions, but sometimes with a bit of prompting they can help to boost your self esteem. When you are writing your dating profile, ask some of your close friends what they would write about you. You might just be supervised to hear about the great qualities that you didn’t even know that you had.

Forget about negative people

It’s easy to take negative comments to heart and to assume that because your ex didn’t like your voice/hair/manner… that other people will think the same thing. Instead, think back on all of the compliments that you have received recently.

Talk to new people

When you are next at a social gathering, or networking event, take the opportunity to practice your small-talk with strangers. When  you come to speak to your dates you will be less intimidated as you will be used to talking to unfamiliar people.

Dress to impress

Getting a new haircut, or a new outfit might just be enough to give you the self-assurance to go on a date with someone whom you feel is out of your league.