First Date Mistakes

Sunday, October 29th, 2017

A first date is your chance to get to know your date and to show off what a great person you are. However, a few simple mistakes can make or break a relationship.

Choosing an unsuitable venue

Choosing a noisy venue will mean that you are unable to talk, which will mean that you won’t be able to find out more about them and will be making a decision based on looks.

If you find that the venue that you chose gets too noisy, it is best to move on to somewhere else.

Being dismissive

Conversation should be free-flowing and you should avoid ‘yes/no’ answers that can stop conversation in its tracks. It is OK to have silences during your conversation, but dismissing questions with a simple ‘yes’, or ‘no’ can come across as rude.

Not making an effort

You don’t need to wear formal wear for a date, but it is courteous to make an effort with how you look. Make sure that you are clean and fresh smelling and that you have clean and ironed clothing on. Use a roller to rid yourself of pet hair if your furry friend insists on giving your a send off before your date.

Using your phone

We are in the digital age and it is pretty common to see people using their phones during conversation. Even though it has become part of everyday life, it is still rude to be looking at your phone during your date. Switch your phone to silent and only check on it when you excuse yourself to go to the toilet, or to get a drink.

If you are an on-call emergency services worker, or are caring for a sick relative, let your date know that you have to have your date to hand.

Not following up

After your date it is a good idea to send a message saying that you had a good time (if you did), this will reassure your date and let them know that you are interested in meeting up again. Playing it cool might lead them to believe that you are not interested and they might move onto someone new.