Why they ceased contact and what to do now

Friday, October 27th, 2017

You can be talking to someone on a dating website for a little while and thinking that everything is going well, and then… nothing. What has happened and why?

Technical problems

Your potential date might have lost their phone, accidentally dropped it down the toilet, or they might be experiencing broadband problems. A way to check this out is to go to their profile and check the ‘active within’ status to see when they last used their account. If it has been a while, you could assume that they are having technical problems. However, if they have been online recently, it is likely that they are ignoring you.

They’re in it for the thrill

Sadly some people use dating websites as a bit of a confidence boost to show that they are still attractive. The messages show that they are interested in flirting, but when the conversation stops, it is a sign that it has gone too far for them.

This person might be scared of getting too close to someone, or scared that they will be rejected if you come to meet up.

In a relationship

Another annoying thing is that even though we make it very clear that it is unacceptable to be on a dating website when you are in a relationship, it doesn’t always stop people.

If someone is in a relationship, you will find that their messaging will likely follow a pattern, for example, they might contact you at certain times when their partner is not around.

They will also be cagey about meeting and if they do choose to meet with you, they will choose somewhere away from where they live.

Keeping their options open

A lot of people decide to contact more than one person at once to increase their chances of meeting someone. They might be in contact with someone else, but not sure if it will lead to anything, so they will keep their options open by not telling you about the other person.
If someone has suddenly stopped getting in contact with you, don’t chase them until you hear from them. They aren’t right for you at this time, so try to look for someone else.