First Date Preparation

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Congratulations, you’re going on a first date with someone! Now what?

Here are our tips for making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Get reading

Make sure to read through their dating profile again so that you are certain about their name and their details. You really don’t want to call them by someone else’s name.

Also, take a look back through your messages to see what you have been talking about.

Choose somewhere suitable

Try to pick somewhere to meet up that will allow you to chat and to get to know each other in a safe public place. Popular ideas include coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and stately homes. If you are both keen to prove your ‘muddy’ side by going on an outdoorsy date, try to meet in a country park during a busy time.

Check out the venue

If you haven’t been to your first date venue before, it is a good idea to visit it before hand to make sure that you know how to get there.

Plan your transport arrangements

If you are driving, make sure that you know where to park and that you have enough change for the meter if you need to pay to park.

If you are travelling by public transport, check the timetable to ensure that you know when the last train, or bus leaves.

Keep a taxi number to hand if you think that you may need to use a taxi. If you are in a very remote area, it is a good idea to book your journey in advance.

Let someone know where you are going

We always advice people to be cautious when meeting with someone new and part of that is telling someone where you are going and what time you expect to get there and get back.

Charge your phone

If you have enlisted a friend to help you out, make sure that your phone is charged so that you can make the call if necessary.