First Date Flowers

Friday, August 25th, 2017
First Date Flowers

When my parents started dating more than 40 years ago, my father used to bring my mother flowers every week when they went out together. Nowadays, bringing a bunch of flowers to every date would be seen as rather antiquated, so what it the modern way to introduce a little romance into dating?

First date flowers

One of the reasons as to why bringing flowers to a first date has fallen out of fashion is that you are more likely to meet at the venue then at someone’s house (for safety’s sake) and carrying around a bunch of flowers is rather impractical.

If you are keen to take a gift on a first date, make sure to bring something small that can fit in a handbag, such as a tiny box of chocolates. However, it is more usual to avoid gifting on a first date.

To add romance to your first date together (without the need for gifts), choose a venue that fits in with what the person likes to show that you have paid attention to their dating profile. For example, if they say that they love sampling different foods from around the world, offer to take them to a new restaurant that they may not have been to.

Dinner date gifts

If your date has offered to cook dinner for you at their home, it is polite to bring a gift with you. If on your first date they drank a particular type of wine, that is a good place to start. If they went for beer, or ale instead, you could take along a nice selection of beer as they may not be a wine drinker. Flowers are also an acceptable gift to take with you if you are invited for dinner, or a small plant if they say that they are a keen gardener.

On your first date together, it is advisable to meet in a busy public place. Although online dating is generally a safe way to meet someone, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Romance when you are a couple

When you are in a relationship, the key to romance is making time to spend with your partner where you are truly focused on one another. Make time to go on ‘date nights’ together where you are away from any distractions, like work, or the TV. Go to a restaurant, or just head out for a drink together to keep the romance alive. Alternatively, you could opt for a candlelit meal at home with special food and drink as a treat.