Love Your Looks

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Your Main Photo is an important part of your dating profile, but many people choose to omit it from their profile as they are unhappy with their looks. We can’t entirely change the way you feel about yourself, but here are some tips for feeling more content with the way that you look.

Find your best angle

You’ll be amazed by the difference that camera angle can make to how you look. If you want to look slimmer, ask someone who is taller than you to take your photograph, or get someone to stand on something that ensures that the camera is looking down on you. If you want to look bulkier, get the person to take the photo looking up at you.

Slightly from the side is also usually more flattering than a front facing photograph.

Stand up straight

If you have an office job, or spend a lot of time sitting down (even physical jobs involve a lot of paperwork), then it is likely that you have a slumped posture. Focusing on your posture can change the way that you look in photographs and make you look strong and confident. Stand up straight, pull your shoulders back and down and pull in your belly.

Strike a pose

While trying to maintain good posture, try out a range of different poses to see which one looks best. Have fun and play around to music as a genuine smile will look appealing to others.

Try a new look

If you’ve had the same haircut for a decade, or the same facial hair, you could try a completely new look to give yourself a boost. Ask your hairdresser to opt for a new look that will flatter your face shape and if you like to colour your hair, see if your current colour suits your skin tone and current look.

A trip to the makeup counter can also help you to try a new look and go for a more up-to-date lip colour, or eye shadow shade.

Always remember that people don’t notice your ‘flaws’ in the same way that you do. Something that you hate about yourself may well be the thing that someone else finds incredibly attractive.