Reasons to Join a Niche Dating Website

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

There are two main types of online dating websites; generic sites and niche dating websites. Generic websites are designed for everybody and usually attract a wide range of people. Niche dating websites are aimed at a specific group of people, for example in the case of Muddy Matches, the website attracts country-minded people.

So why would you choose to use a niche dating website?

A website run by like-minded people

Muddy Matches is owned and managed by sisters Emma and Lucy who grew up on a farm in a teeny-tiny village in rural Bedfordshire. They set up the website because they were tired of meeting city boys who were horrified by the idea of donning wellies and get their hands dirty.

Emma and Lucy’s knowledge of the countryside and countryside pursuits means that the website is designed with country-minded people in mind and instead of just having ‘horseriding’ as a option for hobbies we have ‘hacking’, ‘driving’, ‘eventing’ and ‘polo’ to name but few.

Common interests

Niche websites ensure that everyone shares a common interest, which means that it’s much easier to start a conversation as you will have a shared frame of interest. On the Matches Matches website we even have the ‘How muddy are you?’ quiz to show you just how ‘muddy’ or ‘townie’ someone is. We’re not claiming that it’s 100% accurate, but it gives a good indication about how country-minded someone is.

Fewer people to filter out

When you are looking for a new partner, you can start to go ‘profile blind’ from looking through hundreds of dating profiles, but with a niche dating website there are fewer profiles to look through. However, if you do find that there are too many profiles to go through, you can narrow down your search by a number of different factors, including age, location, interests and education.