10 Online Dating no-nos

Friday, August 11th, 2017

Online dating is a great way to find someone special as there are lots of great single people in one place. Here are some tips for getting the best out of internet dating.

  1. Don’t use an old photo – That photo of you 10 years ago looks fabulous, but it’s not really representative of how you look now. Try to use a photo that was taken within the last two years and enlist a friend to take some new ones if you can’t find any to use.
  2. Don’t lie – What harm will it do if I say that I’m 6ft tall, rather than 5’10”, or say that I am 58 instead of 60 (as I look younger than my age)? These little lies might seem like a good idea at the time, but you will be found out eventually and it will mean that your date will start to question  other things that you have said.
  3. Don’t just write one sentence – ‘Hi I’m Dave and I’m 29’ is  a classic example of a short profile that doesn’t tell you anything about the person, that couldn’t be found in the basic details tab. Use your dating profile to tell people about who you are and what you enjoy doing.
  4. Don’t write an essay – On the other hand, don’t write more than 500 words as it will be overwhelming.
  5. Don’t forget to proof read it – Take a few minutes to give your dating profile a final read through to make sure that it makes sense.
  6. Don’t put yourself down – Even if you believe that you are truly unlovable, don’t say so in your profile text. If you are struggling to think about nice things to say about yourself, then ask your friends and family to list your best qualities.
  7. Don’t add innuendos – If your profile is packed with more innuendos than a Carry On film, it will be off-putting and make people think that you are too childish for a proper relationship.
  8. No nudity – Boudoir shots have become fashionable and are usually very flattering, but they aren’t appropriate for your dating profile. Save them for the boudoir itself.
  9. Don’t expect everyone to approach you – The best way to find someone on an online dating website is to send messages to suitable matches.
  10. Don’t ignore nos – If you have received a no in response to one of your messages, respect their no and move on to someone else. You won’t be able to change someone’s mind by being persistent.